Article I
Name, Nature, Location and Purpose
Section 1 - Name
Section 2 - Nature and Purpose
Section 3 - Goals
Section 4 - Objectives
Section 5 - Location
Article II
Qualification of Members
Section 1 - Membership
Section 2 - Members
Section 3 - Admission to Membership
Section 4 - Termination of Membership
Section 5 - Liability of Members
Article III
Duties and Terms or Officers
Section 1 - Elective Officers
Section 2 - Duties of Elective Officers
Vice President
Public Relations Officer
Section 3 - Board of Directors
General Powers
Specific Powers
Section 4 - Appointed Officers
Section 5 - Term of Office
Article IV
Section 1 - Board of Directors
Section 2 - Nominations
Section 3 - Election of Officers
Section 4 - Elections
Section 5 - Committees
Section 6 - Executive Committee
Section 7 - Meetings
Section 8 - Quorum
Section 9 - Rules of Order
Section 10 - Fees
Section 11 - Salaries
Section 12 - Amendment
Section 13 - Transitory Provision




Los Angeles, California


The DPSS Filipino-American County Employees of Los Angeles, imploring and invoking Divine guidance and assistance in order to establish for themselves an association that will promote better understanding and cooperation; foster a spirit of fraternal relationship to achieve unity and secure to themselves and for posterity the blessings of freedom, equality and justice, do hereby ordain and promulgate these constitution and By-Laws:


Article I
Section 1 – Name: This association shall be known and/or called: DPSS Los Angeles Filipino American County Employees Association.


Section 2 – Nature and Purpose: This will be a non-profit organization incorporated pursuant to the general non-profit Corporation Law of California; for the purpose of organizing Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) county employees of Filipino descent; unifying and directing their efforts towards promoting activities and/or programs designed to promote and uplift the general welfare of members, and for such other related and lawful purpose.


Section 3 – Goals:


a.) To organize and unite all Filipino American county employees in DPSS into a solid and cohesive group to promote Unity.
b.) To work for the improvement of the membership's socio-economic and political interests to secure the uplifting of social standards.
c.) To work for the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage, traditions and national identity.
d.) To obtain social justice and the guarantees for equal opportunities.


Section 4 – Objectives:


a.) To develop awareness among the members the need for unity and cooperation in the pursuit of self preservation.
b.) To create work committees to plan and carry out strategies and course of action to attain organization's goals.
c.) To identify organization's needs and problems and to seek remedies and/or solutions.
d.) To involve the Filipino-American community in Los Angeles in pursuing goals and objectives.
Section 5 – Location: The principal office for the association's transaction of business shall be at such address and place in the County of Los Angeles, California, as may be fixed or designated from time to time by the President as determined by the Board of Directors until such time when the association shall have its own building or permanent place.


Article II


Section 1 – Membership: All DPSS Los Angeles county employees, past and present, of Filipino-American ancestry, and the immediate members of their family may become members of the Association; and such other person(s) granted membership by the Board action for reason(s) considered meritorious to the association.


Section 2 – Members:


1.) Regular: Those who have paid their membership dues and are currently employed at DPSS in Los Angeles.


2.) Special: Past DPSS employees, spouses and children of regular members who are of legal age, upon application and payment of membership dues.


3. Honorary: Those who by reason of meritorious service(s) to the association have been granted honorary membership by action of the Board of Directors, upon application and payment of membership dues.


Section 3 – Admission to Membership: Any person who has all the qualification to become a member shall fill up a membership form and submit it to the Committee on Membership for processing. Applicants meeting all requirements shall be recommended and submitted to the Board of acceptance and approval. They may be inducted as members of the association by either the President or Chairperson of the Board.


Section 4 – Termination of Membership: Membership may be terminated by the member written notice to the Secretary of the association; or by action of the Board for cause and after opportunity to be heard has been accorded to the member, for any infraction of the rules and for such other valid reason as the Board may deem gross and serious to threaten the very existence of the association.


Section 5 – Liability of Members: No member of the association shall be personally liable for any debts, liabilities or obligations of the association.


Article III


Section 1 – Elective Officers: The association shall have a President, Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Auditor and TWO Public Relations Officer and FIFTEEN (15) Board Members, all of whom must be at least Twenty One (21) years of age, regular members of good standing and of good moral character.


Section 2 – Duties of Elective Officers:


a. President: Charged with the executive function of protecting the Constitution and By-Laws of the association. He shall represent the body and spirit of the association or outside the County of Los Angeles. He shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the association. He shall create committees, standing and/or special, appoint the chairperson(s), managers and stewards not otherwise provided for, to carry out specific programs and shall perform such other duties usually exercised by chief executive officers. Together with the treasurer he shall sign all checks issued against the funds of the association. As ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and with equal rights and powers granted to a Board member, the President may sit at Board meetings. With the concurrence of the Board and when necessary or whenever calling for an election will be costly and impractical, he may fill vacancies by appointment


b. Vice President: Shall perform duties assigned to him/her by the President, In the absence or incapacity of the President, shall discharge the duties of the President.


c. Secretary: Shall record the association minutes and attendance and take note of all proceedings, motions or resolutions adopted and log them in the association folder or logbook. He/She shall furnish the president a copy of such minutes which may be read or passed around to the members during subsequent meeting(s). He/She shall obtain from the membership committee a mailing list of all members showing dates and classification of membership. He/She shall serve all notices required by the association. He/She shall keep records, election materials, etc. from minutes or regular/special meeting(s) and those submitted by committees.


d. Treasurer: Shall collect, receive, issue and record receipts for all dues, fees, monies, properties, receivables and donations to the association. He/She shall open an account with a bank or trust company approved by the Board of Directors and deposits thereat all monies/notes of the association; report all its income, expenses and financial transaction(s) at all regular meetings. Together with the President, he/she shall prepare and co-sign all checks for disbursement(s) approved by the President and authorized by the Board of Directors. He/She shall prepare monthly and annual financial statements and shall make an itemized report of the same to the Board.


e. Auditor: Shall check the books and receipts of the association, and attest to all periodic monthly and annual financial statements of the treasurer.


f. Public Relations Officer: Shall compile the history, membership and activities of the association. Shall see to the association's publicity and representation needs (internally and externally). He/She may serve as the association's spokesperson in the absence of the President and/or Board Chairperson.


Section 3 – Board of Directors:
a.) General Powers: Subject to the restrictions of the Articles of Incorporation, California Statutes, Association's Constitution and By-Laws, the Board of Directors will elect a chairperson and a vice-chairperson from among themselves. The Board is the policy making body of the association and will monitor and control the business affairs of the association. It will review, and pass upon agreements/contracts and shall see to it that all actions/decisions shall be made for and to the benefit and interests of the association.


b.) Specific Powers: The Board, after due process, has the sole power to suspend, disqualify or expel any erring member or candidate for membership. It shall have the power to impeach an officer for malfeasance in office, provided: that charges against an officer shall be specified in writing and signed by no less than FIVE (5) members of the Board.


Section 4 – Appointed Officers: The President may appoint a Parliamentarian, an assistant Secretary, a Sergeant-at-Arms, and such other officers as may be needed to assist the President and the association, provided: said appointments will terminate at the end of the term of the appointing authority and/or terminated earlier.


Section 5 – Term of Office: All elective officers shall hold office for a term of TWO (2) years; to take effect the first day following the end of the second year in which the tenure of offices expires, and until their successors have been duly qualified and seated.


Article IV


Section 1 – Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall meet at least once every odd-number month. The Vice Chairperson will act as Board Secretary and shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Board. The presence of SIX (6) members shall constitute a quorum. Majority vote of all members present is sufficient to approve a resolution, provided: no voting by proxy shall be allowed.


Section 2 – Nominations: Nomination of all elective officers and/or candidates shall be made during a special meeting called for the purpose in the first week of December following any forthcoming elections due in the same month. Candidates nominated must have all qualifications and none of the disqualifications set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 3 – Election of Officers: Except for the Interim Officers whose tenure starts upon validation and ratification of the Constitution and By-Laws, all elections shall be made by secret ballot during the elections held for the purpose on the last week of December. No member shall be allowed to vote if not registered with the Committee on Elections, after having been certified as a member of good standing by the treasurer of the association.


Section 4 – Elections: Elections shall be clean, honest and peaceful. In order to insure clean, honest and peaceful elections, there shall be created a Committee on Elections for each election year to be selected from the general membership, the Board of Directors and the Executive body. The Election Committee of three (3) members will select from among themselves the Committee Chairperson. The Committee will be responsible for the conduct of elections; determining eligibility of candidates; registration and all issues relating to the election. No candidate(s) for office shall become a member of this Committee. After the proclamation of the winning candidates following an election, all election records, documents and/or paraphernalia shall be submitted to the Secretary for safekeeping.
Any vacancy existing after an election by reason of death, incapacity, resignation and/or removal for cause shall be filled pursuant to any existing provision(s) provided for the Constitution and By-Laws. Otherwise, a special election shall be held for the purpose. Any person elected to fill a vacancy will hold office only for the remaining term of the person holding such office.


Section 5 – Committees: The following Committees shall be constituted during the initial organization of the association: Constitution and By-Laws; Finance; Membership; Civil Service; Legal/Paralegal; Ways and Means and Human Services. In addition to the above-named committees, other special committees may be organized and constituted to serve or pursue a specific function and/or program.


Section 6 – Executive Committee: The executive officers and the Board of Directors may constitute the Executive Committee for purposes of technical consultation(s). The committee meetings shall be presided jointly by the President and the Chairman of the Board. The decision(s) made by the committee on issues brought it shall be recommendatory until adopted by the Board.


Section 7 – Meetings:


a.) A regular monthly officers meeting, with other members welcome, or not more than TWO (2) hours, will be held every 3rd Friday of the month to start at 6:30 p.m. with the following order of business prescribed and controlled by the presiding officer:


1. Introduction – President
2. Invocation – Chaplain or Vice President
3. Secretary's Report
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Board of Director's Report
6. Committee Report
7. Old Business
8. New Business
9. Adjournment


b.) An annual general meeting will be held in the month of December each year, on a day to be fixed by the President with the concurrence of the Board to discuss policies and/or conduct an affair beneficial to the whole membership and association.
c.) Special meetings may be called for by the President or Board of Directors in cases of emergency or extreme necessity or for special elections when the President chooses not to appoint an officer’s successor in the event of a vacancy.


Section 8 – Quorum: The presence of majority members of the officers shall constitute a quorum sufficient to transact business.


Section 9 – Rules of Order: Except as otherwise provided for in the By-Laws, meetings and/or proceedings of the association and Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with the Robert's Rules of Order.


Section 10 – Fees: The Board of Directors shall set the annual fee for each categorical members which shall not exceed Twenty Four Dollars ($24.00) a year, or Two ($2.00) dollars a month, payable in advance or monthly installments. Any member failing to pay the requisite annual dues within SIX (6) months after they become due may suspended from membership by the Board, after notice and opportunity to be heard; and the same may be reinstated upon payment of all dues owing and/or outstanding. Payment of dues may be waived by the Board for a just and valid reason.


Section 11 – Salaries: No compensation shall be made or given to any officer or member of the Board of Directors, unless authorized by resolution of the Board. Expenses incurred by officers of the association in the performance of official functions/duties shall be reimbursed per auditing procedures, subject to the availability of funds.


Section 12 – Amendment: Any FIVE (5) members of the Board and/or members of the association may file with Secretary of the association a written proposal for amending the Constitution and By-Laws. The secretary shall upon receipt of the proposal make copies sufficient enough for the membership. The Secretary shall circulate copies to all officers and members of the Board two (2) weeks before any special meeting to discuss the proposed amendments. The majority vote of a quorum present may adopt or reject such amendments. Provided: any amendment (s) to the Constitution and By-Laws shall be ratified by the general membership on a majority vote.


Section 13 – Transitory Provision: Any provision of the revised Constitution and By-Laws that will adversely affect any vested and/or substantive right (s) under the old provision of the Constitution and By-Laws shall not take effect until after One (1) year from date of ratification.


This Constitution and By-Laws shall take effect immediately upon approval and ratification by the membership. Until ratification, the provisions herein with respect to the rights and powers granted to the Interim officers are hereby waived.


APPROVED AND RATIFIED this 18th day of July, 1987 in Los Angeles, State of California

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